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Supriya Bhavnani, PhD

Dr. Supriya Bhavnani is a co-Principal Investigator in the Child Development Group at Sangath, India. Trained as a neuroscientist, she leads a research program to develop and validate innovative scalable tools designed for use by front-line workers; these tools are used to assess neurodevelopment through the crucial preschool years of early childhood, with an aim to identify children faltering in their developmental trajectories and enable early interventions. These tools include eye tracking, gamified neuropsychological tasks, and electroencephalography. Dr. Bhavnani’s research also investigates the determinants of development in childhood, with a focus on the impact of psychosocial adversities on children’s well-being. Dr. Bhavnani has been a recipient of the prestigious INSPIRE faculty award and Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award from the Government of India.