Advancing Digital Endpoints

Fay Bahling Horak, PT, PhD

Dr. Fay Bahling Horak is a physical therapist-neuroscientist and Endowed Professor of Neurology whose research focuses on the neurophysiology of balance, gait control, and the effects of neurological deficits. Dr. Horak’s Balance Disorders Laboratory at Oregon Health & Science University quantifies balance and gait performance using electromyography, surface reactive forces, motion analysis, and body-worn inertial sensors, and relates this biomechanical analysis of sensorimotor control with neural signals and stimulation—such as rsfMRI, EEG, DBS, TMS, and fNIRs—to determine the effects of neural pathology and interventions on balance and gait. She has over 400 peer-reviewed papers for over 35 years of continuous NIH grant funding for her research. As Chief Scientist at APDM of Clario, Dr. Horak also helped to develop the novel wireless/wearable technology to quantify mobility and neurological signs in the clinic and daily life, as well as for clinical research, practice, and trials. Dr. Horak is co-Principal Investigator of the IDEA study (Instrumented Data Exchange for Ataxia), a partnership between industry and academic centers to develop digital outcome measure of ataxia for clinical trials. Recently, Dr. Horak headed the NINDS committee to develop guidelines for digital outcomes for Parkinson’s disease.