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Adam Vogel, PhD

Adam Vogel, PhD is an Australian Research Council Fellow and Full Professor in School of Health Sciences at The University of Melbourne. He is a global leader in the assessment and treatment of speech and swallowing deficits resulting from neurodegenerative disease. Adam completed his clinical training in psychology and speech pathology at The University of Queensland and research training (PhD) in behavioural neuroscience at The University of Melbourne, Australia. He spent 3 years working clinically at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London before undertaking post-doctoral training the University of Tübingen, Germany. Alongside his research and clinical load, Adam is Chief Science Officer of Redenlab, a global neuroscience company working in the pharmaceutical industry. Since founding in 2017, Redenlab have serviced more than 50 clinical studies through the deployment of meaningful and objective speech and language clinical endpoints for measuring treatment efficacy and disease state. Redenlab work across 25 countries and >270 sites, in indications spanning neurology, gastroenterology and respiratory conditions.