Advancing Digital Endpoints

Abhi Pratap, MS, PhD

Dr. Abhi Pratap is a senior clinical program leader at Boehringer Ingelheim(BI). He currently leads the development  of a robust evidence base for real-world use of digital therapeutics to improve mental health outcomes.

Dr. Pratap previously worked at Biogen where he managed one of the largest decentralized studies aimed at assessing cognitive trajectories in real-world settings. He has also contributed to various academic and industry research studies, generating real-world evidence to better understand the individualized real-life experiences of patients. This includes determining which assessments and treatments may be more effective for different people, at what times, and for how long. Dr. Pratap also has an adjunct faculty appointment at the University of Washington, Seattle, along with a visiting research fellow at King’s College London, London, and Boston University.  Dr. Pratap has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Health Informatics from the University of Washington, Seattle.